Making life so not fun for some people is just a reason to CRY.But hey, what can we say or do…..MAYBE…..atleast back it up with a little these and that and CONTINUE from where YOU must have STOPPED.People make life very very unbearable for others only to cover up their own disgust. I have these friend who so loves his BOO*lik he calls her*gf* pardon me but they girl is not just reciprocating it*she doesnt even. look as fine or beautiful as he claims* THOUGH,they say*BEAUTY is in the EYES of the BEHOLDER and not CHARM*not like i blame him anyways,HE alone knows what he SEES in her. PEOPLE think they are not of the same class as others,*just like my friends BOO*but little do we know that this life is just a STAGE.
A friend said this to me and i thought about its importance and how true it is,*PEOPLE around me are real LIFE TUTORS, the ENVIRONMENT is THE FIELD and I’m just a SPECIMEN.I’m doing my BEST to be a UNIQUE SPECIMEN and not a MODEL. so we can best d use of what and who we have* i know he would be smiling right now,if he reads this but i just want you to LOOK into it and think out LOUD to YOURSELF*how best have you learnt from the WORLD and what have u given back to it.
A lot of people this days,still have the mentallity of calling other peoples property theirs.we often times,think the LOOSE CHANGE we have got in our pockets, make us worthy of emulation and forget so quickly that there. Is. SOMEONE WHO is BIGGER…..maybe MUCH BIGGER…….SOMEWHERE…..ANYWHERE….than they really are.
MAYBE…..JUST MAYBE i happen to talk to much.How best have you LIGHTENED or COLOURED the path your FRIEND(s) pass each day.DOES HE/HER TRUST YOU.drop ur comments.



  1. Jay Jon

    Am inlove with my secondary school crush,we hardly see each other but ! Trust her,she is a very nice person.Beautiful,friendly and She inspires one in different way,and ! Love my friends

    • Thanks. Jay i believe shes somewhere smilling.happy you liked it
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